Pre-Marathon Nutrition

Carbo Loading For A Marathon

This article was written by Jeff Gaudette.  Jeff is a running coach at

The most common question I get from both beginner and veteran marathoners alike is: “What should I eat during the week and the morning of the Marathon race?” It’s a great question and a very important part of success on race day. Since . . . → Read More: Pre-Marathon Nutrition

Nutrition For Endurance Running

Success in endurance activity is a result of a multitude of genetic and physiological factors. While many of these factors are out of our control, one major player in the success of the endurance athlete is fluid and nutrient intake in and around training and competition. This article describes a few strategies for eating . . . → Read More: Nutrition For Endurance Running

Are Energy Bars Good For You?

Energy Bar

There are a million energy bars available at gas staions, grocery stores, and running stores. Some are low carb, some are high-carb, some are kosher, you get the picture.  But the truth is, these are just glorified candy bars.  That’s not all bad, but don’t believe the hype that these bars offer more nutritional . . . → Read More: Are Energy Bars Good For You?