Nike Dri-Fit Filament Running Tights Review

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Nike Dri-Fit Filament Running Tights
Manufacturer: Nike
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Rundurance Review

I've had mixed results with running tights before, so I purchased these Nike dri-fit running tights with some reluctance. My previous experience with running tights is that they do a great job keeping you warm and preventing injury, but they are hard to get on, itchy during the run, and extremely hard to get off. And in one case, the way it retained water caused me to get extremely cold during my warm-down. (That pair was not advertised as dri-fit).

I'll start off by saying that Nike did a good job with these tights. The dri-fit wicking worked perfectly, keeping me warm and dry on a grueling one hour run in the frozen tundra.

They also have what they call "flatlock seams" which essentially means it's seamless, so there is no running or chafing. This has not been a problem for me with any tights, but I can confidently say that these tights caused no chafing problems for me.

I was also happy to see that there is a small pocket with a zipper, giving me a good place to keep my keys and gel. It's not a lot of room for anything bigger, but you could definitely fit a gel or two and your house key.

Overall, I have no complaints about these tights. They did the job, they kept me warm and loose, and I had no itching that tights usually cause. I give it a 5 out of 5.

Product Details

  • Dri-Fit and Elastane mix - for a stretchy fit
  • Flatlock Seams - reduce any rubbing or chaffing that regular seams can cause meaning a mor
  • Back Zip Pocket - to store small items such as keys, money or a small snack bar
  • Reflective detailing - for added visibility in low light conditions

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